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Our Story
YALIS is a leading company specialized in door hardware systems for doors. We distinguished publish the 4-scene solutions for internal doors (wooden doors, ecological doors, aluminum wooden doors), slim framed glass doors, minimalist doors, and children's room doors for both residential and commercial. It is based on the customizing designing that allows us to professionally develop optimal solutions to use.
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Cooperation & Partnership
YALIS is spreading our brand and providing strategies to the door hardware industry. Door solutions with a relentless focus on the customers. YALIS has started the global cooperation and reliable partnership with more than 200 companies in over 40 countries. We provide product strategy and rigorous services to our agents. It's not only the cooperation but the sincere partnership.
Our News
YALIS Participates The 127th E-Canton Fair
At 15th June to 24th June, YALIS will participate the 127th E-Canton Fair.
We Are Back
After the lunar new year, performers held long fabric dragons aloft on poles and danced to the beat of drums, hoping to bring fortune to YALIS workers each day.
What We Do During The Coronavirus Outbreak Period
New measures in YALIS for avoiding the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, let's take a look at how could this happen with 0 cases occurred in Xiaolan.