Market Policy

Area Protection Policy


In the door hardware market, there are many Italian brands goes for high-end products in both quality and prices. However, not all customers can accept such high prices. Therefore, YALIS is an option of you with high-end products but lower prices compared to European-made door hardware markets. When building a cooperative relationship with YALIS, we protect your local market in your area. Your company is identified as YALIS distributor in your place.

YALIS works closely with our distributors to provide expert services in customized product designs, brand promotion, and business development. Based on the local market, YALIS provides practical plans for our distributors so they can sell the goods to their customers smoothly. The overall strategy with the business panel is to help pave the way for future business cooperation at an international level for the benefit of businesses and the department.

Product Protection Policy

For the customized products, YALIS protects your own products. We protect your products of being competitive and unique in the market, we will contractually not sell your products to any other customers.


Brand Support

1. Promotion Support: We design the original solutions that match the specific needs of our customers. Providing the sales materials and tools for your promotion. Such as advertisement displays, display boards, display cabinets, brochures, etc.

2. Showroom & Exhibition Design: YALIS is happy to provide showroom/ exhibition decoration designs and customized marketing materials solutions to our agents/distributors. Via a deep communication and understanding the requirements from our customers, a satisfying showroom presented to you.

3. New Products Supports: New products will be promoted to our agent/distributors in advance, which makes you feel the joy of being a VIP, simply other than work.

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Distributor Requirements

1. With certain channels to distribute hardware products in the local market, with sales /shops / relevant networks;

2. Brand agents/distributors;

3. Be independent of the local market: with their sales, purchasing, marketing teams; warehouses; can be independently complete the marketing and promotion work;

4.YALIS regional agents: experience in the building materials/hardware industry, high recognition, and understanding of  YALIS brand strategy.

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