Surface Finishes

Various Finishes

There are more than 20 finishes for surface treatment, a variety of surface finishes enable you to select and combined with different styles of doors and spaces. “ Customers have a huge range of options and this can impact on the way businesses attract and grow their customer base, build high value and loyal customers and affect the way people make purchasing decisions.” We are living in a time of abundant choices.

In addition, in order to meet the requirements of designers and door manufacturers, YALIS door handles, lock bodies, door stoppers, door hinges can also be made in the same finish, which makes the door hardware more uniform and enhances its beauty.

surface finishes


YALIS salt spray test time is around 96 hours. Some clients live in the coastal areas, the humid climate requires for higher demand for oxidation resistance. We can also make the salt spray test time more than 200 hours.

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