R&D Team

A good design must not only make people enjoy the visual beauty, but also make people feel the trend of the times and meet the actual application needs. After 2014, the minimalist style began to become popular in Europe and then sprouted in China in 2017. YALIS designers kept up with market trends and continued to evolve their design styles. From the very beginning of European luxury design door handle, furniture handle, modern style door handle, minimalist door handle for ecological doors, functional door handle, new Chinese style door handle, YALIS step by step deepens the connection between door hardware and market, and focus on wooden doors, glass doors, home space, commercial space for innovative design, and solve the pain points for customers.


Excellent structure research and development must be based on customer needs and seek new breakthroughs in innovation through constant visits to the market. YALIS R&D team only had machining technology at the beginning of its establishment. Later, it strictly controlled the process, then went to independent research and development of the structure, and finally added more product data to the later team building. Each progress is a qualitative leap. It is also a huge gain for YALIS in the research and development process.




R&D Manager

As a R&D Manager, he strictly control every process in his daily work to ensure the crafts level of products and the quality of products. In addition to ensuring the crafts level and quality of the products, he also continuously develops new crafts according to the needs of the market and customers.



Process Engineer

He draws inspiration from daily life, combines contemporary fashion trends, and uses the contrast of materials and surface finishes to make the products more tense but also more elegant, and more closer to minimalism.


Appearance Designer

He puts his enthusiasm into each product design, pursues eternal and minimal art, and advocates a creative and simple life. The unique sense of line is his hallmark, and he is keen to transform the original design concepts into unique artistic hardware products.


structural engineer

He has ten years of experience in structural research and development, and has participated in more than 100 product development projects. He has special insights on products and is deeply appreciated by customers.


Structural Engineer

Product research and development is his favorite career. He has dozens of structural patent certificates and likes to innovate continuously from practicality.




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