Development Process

Since 1990 YALIS Design has been manufacturing door handles at its own factories in China where the entire production process takes place. YALIS Design has been delivering the high-end door handles to various countries. It has been spreading the YALIS brand concept and developing its own products, keeping pace of the market to meet the needs of the customers. Modern door hardware designed in the China and made to the very highest standards of China to be sold throughout the world.


The birth of the YALIS brand stems from the almost obsessive pursuit of "high quality"


The founder of the brand studied it in the UK and visited European companies
Understand why there are so many world-renowned luxury brands in Europe
It is precise because of the high standards and high requirements of "European craftsmanship"
Make every product a high-quality work of art


He decided to create his own brand of door hardware
The original design of every door handle, every architectural hardware
Innovate every process and introduce high-tech equipment
He understands that what customers need is high-quality products and considerate service capabilities
YALIS never stops

Gradually, we have a series of better works
Our brand is loved and recognized by everyone

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