Customized Service

Customized Service

Door hardware has an important influence on the future development of door manufacturers. A good door hardware solution supplier must not only be able to provide door manufacturers with a one-stop purchase of complete door hardware systems but also be able to cooperate with door manufacturers’ product development and provide an indispensable boost for door manufacturers’ product development. In this way, it can not only save the time cost and human resource cost of door manufacturers when purchasing but also promote the research and development capabilities of door manufacturers.

In response to door manufacturers’ needs for door hardware solution suppliers, YALIS, as a professional door hardware solution supplier, has deployed its own product line and company structure to meet the needs of door manufacturers.

Customization Ability

YALIS has begun to gradually establish its own R&D team at the beginning of its establishment. At present, YALIS R&D team has mechanical engineers, process engineers, and appearance designers, which can meet the customers’ customization needs such as product structure development, appearance design, and specific crafts. Not only that, YALIS has its own factory, which can provide one-step service for product development and design, 3D printing, mold developing, mold trial, trial production, and mass production, reducing the communication cost from new products development to mass production, and making cooperation more closely.

Door Hardware Accessories

In addition to customized ability, YALIS has also added product line of door hardware accessories, such as door stoppers, door hinges, etc., to meet the needs of door manufacturers. So that the door can not only meet the functional requirements, but also take into account the beauty of the door. And because YALIS provides a one-step purchase of door hardware, it saves the time and effort to purchase other door hardware accessories from other suppliers of door manufacturers.


Professional Experience In Door Manufacturer Service

Since Yalis determined its strategy to deepen cooperation with door manufacturers in 2018, it has added a door manufacturer service team to its sales team, which is dedicated to following up with door manufacturers to improve the service to door manufacturers in and timely solve their problems. In production, Yalis introduced the ISO production management system and automatic production equipment to increase production capacity and ensure delivery capabilities.

Yalis is a door hardware solution supplier with more than 10 years of experience, its rich experience, and professional ability can effectively help door manufacturers to develop better and make progress together.

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