6072 Magnetic Silent Mortise Lock

Material Stainless Steel
Center Distance 72mm
Back Set 60mm
Cycle Testing 200,000 times
Keys Number 3 keys
Standard EURO Standard

Noise: Normal: above 60 decibel ; YALIS: About 45 decibel.


1. Adjustable strike case, which makes the installation more precise and reduces the installation difficulty.

2. Built-in L-shape push-piece to ensure that the moving direction of the push-piece is consistent with the moving direction of the bolt so that the operation of the bolt is more smooth.

3. Silent gaskets are placed between the bolt spring and the bolt and in the strike case to reduce the noise generated by the mortise lock during operation.

4. The bolt is covered with a layer of nylon to reduce friction and make it more silent.


What are the market pain points solved by YALIS Magnetic Mortise Lock?

1. The structural design of the lock body on the market is complicated and the movement of the bolt is not smooth. Therefore, the resistance when the door handle is pressed down is large, resulting in a short service life of the door handle.

2. The installation position of strike case on the market is fixed and cannot be adjustable flexibly, which increase the difficulty of installation.

3. When most silent locks on the market operate, the smoothness of the bolt is not very good, and the collision sound between mortise lock components is loud, which greatly reduces the silent effect.


5mm Ultra-thin Rosette & Spring Mechanism

The spring mechanism design of the handle rosette currently on the market is mostly heavy, consumes a lot of raw materials, and is rather bulky in appearance, which does not meet the aesthetic requirements of consumer groups. The YALIS ultra-thin rosette and spring mechanism is made of zinc alloy with a thickness of only 5mm. There is a reset spring inside, which reduces the loss of the lock body when the handle is pressed, and it is not easy to hang down after long-term use.

5mm Ultra-thin Rosette & Spring Mechanism2
5mm Ultra-thin Rosette & Spring Mechanism


1. The thickness of the handle rosette is reduced to only 5mm, which is more thinner and simpler.

2. There is a one-way return spring inside the structure, which can reduce the loss of the lock body when the door handle is pressed, so that the door handle is pressed down and the door handle is reset more smoothly, and it is not easy to hang down.

3. Double limit location structure: The limit location structure ensures that the rotation angle of the door handle is limited, which effectively extends the service life of the door handle.

4. The structure is made of zinc alloy, which has higher hardness and prevents deformation.

Mini Structure & Rosette & Escutcheon

Nowadays, the high-end interior design is popular for door and wall integration, so high-end minimalist doors such as invisible doors and ceiling-high doors have emerged. And this kind of minimalist door pays attention to the integration of the door and the wall to enhance the overall visual effect. Therefore, YALIS developed a mini spring mechanism and mounting kit to reduce the size of the rosette and escutcheon. By embedding the spring mechanism and mounting kit in the door hole, the rosette and escutcheon are kept on the same level as the door and wall as much as possible. It is more with the display form of door and wall integration.

bedroom door handle

IISDOO Glass Splint

In order to meet the market trend of slim frame glass doors, and to apply dozens of hot-selling door handles developed by YALIS in the past 10 years to slim frame glass doors, YALIS launched the glass splint. The glass splint is the bridge between the glass door and glass door handle, and can meet the needs of different customers with 3 different door frame size. The glass splint can be matched with all the door handles of YALIS. There are rubber strips in the splint to prevent slippage. The simple design and innovative form bring a different style to simple homes.

glass door lock

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