R&D Team

1. Market contact: YALIS R&D team is the research department dedicated to appearance development, structure innovation, technology research and other product solutions. There are 8-10 new style designs come to the public annually.

2. Create what you want in every procedure: from designing drafts to 3D printing, molding, we make sure each procedure creates with styles and consideration.

During the producing and after-sales, we take full care of each process to provide our customers with high-end products and services.

Marketing Department

A powerful marketing department promotes a company’s business and drives sales for the products, services, and its tightly keeping up the pace of the market and customers. YALIS has its own. They are young with enthusiasm, tracking the market from time to time. Based on the needs of the market, they provide the strategies in promotion, sales & manufacturing departments. They also offer helps to our wholesalers /agents on how to function their business well.

International Cooperation Department

The international cooperation department focus on the cooperation with top players, including the top distributors, door manufacturers and contractors in each regional market and area. They offers the advice of business, and they are a reliable team that worth cooperation for the future development of your business.

Quality Control Department

Each process is strictly controlled by our strong QC Department, YALIS closely tracks and monitors the quality of during the production process and supplier selection procedures. Each process we do not allow bad quality products to be sold in the market. All main fittings and components are inspected one by one, to ensure no any non-fluency of the handles while opening or closing the door.

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