Ecological door hardware solution

Ecological doors, also know as aluminum frame wooden doors, generally have a height between 2.1m and 2.4m. Ecological doors have novel and diverse styles because their door surfaces can be freely combined and interchanged with the door. Although ecological doors and minimalist doors ( invisible doors and ceiling-high doors ) are both aluminum frame wooden doors, because ecological doors are more cost-effective than minimalist doors, so most middle-end young customers will choose ecological doors.

Plan A:

Ultra-thin Rosette & Escutcheon + YALIS Door Handles

The thickness of  YALIS ultra-thin door handle rosette is 5mm when most of door handle rosette on the market is 9mm, which is thinner and more concise.

1. The rosette thickness is only 5mm, which is thinner and simpler.

2. There is a one-way return spring in the spring mechanism, so that the door handle is not easy to hang down.

3. The double limit structure ensures that the rotation angle of door handle is limited, which effectively extends the service life of the handle.

4. The spring mechanism is made of zinc alloy, which has higher hardness and prevents deformation.

Plan B:

Mini Rosette & Escutcheon + YALIS Door Handles

YALIS has reduced the diameter of the rosette and escutcheon of the split lock, and according to the latest fashion trend, the rosette and escutcheon are inlaid on the door, which is on the same plane with the door.

1. It is matched silent magnetic mortise lock, which can make the door opening and closing more silent.

2. The mini keyhole escutcheon is narrower than the conventional size on the market.

3. The entrance function and privacy function can be optional.

plan b-1
plan b-2

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