The BIG-5 exhibition,Yalis hardware is coming…. We are ready!

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The Big 5 is the largest and most influential event for the construction industry with

its global hub in Dubai acting as the gateway between East and West.


Yalis is a newly established dynamic hardware brand, which focuses on serving the European market and develops a range of Interior door handles,glass door handles, door hardware accessories, architectural hardware.

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The annual construction hardware exhibition has finally started in Dubai, and Yalis is about to participate.

Pavilion: Trade centre Arena

Booth: ArH201-2

Date:  5-8 December , 2022


 Leading hardware factory

Yalis Hardware focuses on creating a better living space and lifestyle for contemporary people, and is constantly optimizing and improving in terms of product quality, product chain, design and development, and independent brands, showing strong new competitive advantages. Yalis Hardware shows the brand power of design hardware to customers around the world. Foreign merchants can see Yalis Hardware and the strength of Italy. 


 Leading hardware factory

Yalis Hardware meets high profile decision-makers from private and government sectors, place your products directly in the hands of buyers, and provide a powerful sales message to potential clients. Visit an event packed with expert-led content, knowledge leaders, and the latest products that will drive your business forward.

Post time: Sep-30-2022

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