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There are many door lock brands on the market today, the lever handle with lock styles are very similar, but the prices are very different. Why do two locks with similar styles have different prices? Today, IISDOO will reveal the secret of the door lock structure for everyone.

At this stage, the most commonly used handle lock on the market is the handle lock. The structure of the handle lock is generally divided into five parts: handle, panel, lock body, lock cylinder and accessories.





Part One: Handle

Handles, also known as door handles, are made of zinc alloy, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, logs, ceramics, etc. Now the commonly used door handles on the market are made of zinc alloy. Due to its excellent plasticity, it can be designed with many A type of door lock. For example, the Bahaus series of IISDOO, the zinc alloy material not only makes the product design and practical, but also can change the color of the product to match different indoor environments, which adds a sense of luxury to the whole home and creates a minimalist atmosphere .

When choosing a door handle, in addition to the style that conforms to the design style and design habits, special attention must be paid to the electroplating process on the handle surface. A good electroplating process needs to go through 8 layers of polishing process and 12 layers of electroplating process to ensure its wear resistance and corrosion resistance. If the electroplating process is not good, the door lock will quickly become dull and the surface will be speckled. Product design, quality of electroplating process, and quality of materials are the main signs that determine the price of door locks.



Part Two: door handle Panel

From the length and width of the panel, the lock can be divided into a lever handle lock or a door knob, so the panel is also a very important factor when purchasing. The door size of each home is different, so we need to choose the lock according to the size of the opening of the wooden door. Before purchasing, we must also clarify the thickness of the door in the home. The general door thickness is 38-55mm, and special thickened doors need to be thickened. Special door lock treatment.

The material and thickness of the panel are very important. The use of high-quality materials can prevent the panel from deforming, and the electroplating process can prevent rust and spots. The thickness of the door lock of Yaris reaches 7.5-8mm, the edge thickness reaches 2mm, and after 24 hours of salt Fog test, after hardness and auxiliary degree tests, it is more effective to prevent corrosion and wear, and it is not easy to get dusty and greasy.



Part Three : Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder is the main part that controls the opening of the lock, and is the heart of the lock. It is the core part of the lock that can rotate and drive the movement of the lock when matched with the key.

The material and process of the lock cylinder have a great influence on the lock. The lock cylinder of the mortise lock generally adopts the marble structure. The more marbles, the more anti-theft. The role of the marble in the middle is used for coding, the more marbles in the middle, the lower the mutual opening rate.


The lock cylinder is preferably made of copper material. Now many on the market are made of zinc alloy, or even aluminum alloy or plastic. The cost is much lower and it is easily damaged. The door locks of Yaris are made of copper material to make the lock cylinder. After 200,000 life and load index tests to ensure the normal service life of the door lock, it is deeply loved by users.


Part Four: Accessories

Accessories are the organic composition of a lock. We all know the truth that a thousand-mile dike will collapse into an ant’s nest. A small accessory can ruin a precision machine, and the same small accessory of a lock is also very important.

Among them, the key is also a kind of accessories. We sometimes find that the key is rusted, or the key is bent, or when the key is unlocked, the key is broken in the lock hole, and these situations are related to the material of the key. Inferior keys are made of iron, without QC, and the heavy metals exceed the standard. Too much exposure is harmful to the human body. The really good key is made of pure copper material, which ensures that the key will not rust and deform due to time, and the unique appearance design can effectively distinguish other keys. The use design is more user-friendly, preventing hand slip and other functions.


 door lock body

Part Five: Lock Body

The lock body is the core of a hardware handle, the key part and the core part, and is generally divided into a single tongue handle body . The basic composition is: shell, main part, lining plate, door buckle, screw accessories five parts. The double tongue lock body includes oblique tongue and square tongue. The larger the lock body is, the more expensive the price is. The multi-function lock body is generally locked with a gate, and the anti-theft performance is better. Generally speaking, the lock body is the function of a lock. The sex part is also the key part.



Small locks contain university questions, understand basic lock knowledge, avoid spending a lot of money to buy inferior products or spend a little money to cause a lot of trouble, buying locks is not a trivial matter, look for IISDOO door locks, and the quality is guaranteed.

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