YALIS Hardware will join the BIG5 DUBAI 2022….. We are coming!

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At present, we are in the early preparations for the exhibition. YALIS not only displayed a variety of functional and fashionable hardware products such as zinc alloy door locks, magnetic lock bodies, customer home cabinet handle series, construction hardware, etc., but also provided customers with extremely narrow glass.


We believe that the door lock application solution has attracted the praise and friendship of many foreign businessmen, showing the unique charm and strong strength of YALIS to the world, and also laying a solid foundation for the company to develop domestic and overseas markets and handing over a gratifying transcript.


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For over 40 years, The Big 5 has provided an unmatched platform for the global construction industry to secure new business across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia:Live product showcases, Knowledge exchange,Networking opportunities.


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There is an experienced trial production department, and the internal staff of the department have many years of experience in the industry. Through various use tests, it is convenient to discover and avoid unexpected situations and potential problems in customer use and production in advance during product development. The trial production department will also link to external authoritative third-party organizations, and conduct industry-recognized third-party authoritative tests for our products;


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The annual construction hardware exhibition finally kicked off in Dubai, and IISDOO will be exhibiting soon.

Pavilion: Trade centre Arena


Date 5-8 December , 2022


In addition to the sales department, the company also has a marketing team, which can make marketing materials according to the advantages of the products and the focus of the market, so as to facilitate our dealers to carry out marketing work in the market; for example, Exhibition hall layout design, product shooting, display prop design, video production, catalog design, network promotion, social media promotion, etc.


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The company’s sales involve both the domestic market and the international market, and can absorb the product advantages and market demands of different markets, and develop more market-forward products;

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