Door locks are the first line of defense for family safety protection.

Door locks are the first line of defense for family safety protection. The design of door locks needs to be more humanized and caring!


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1.Door Handle magnet design


Humanized small-angle opening design, you only need to gently press the handle, and the door can be easily opened at about 20°, which saves effort and worry, and is convenient for pregnant women, children, the elderly, and people with limited mobility.

The thoughtful patented round key can be inserted into the keyhole at any angle of 360°, and the door can be easily opened by a newly upgraded rotation of up to 180°; a unique fluorescent lock ring is specially added to guide you in the dark, so that you can quickly open the door even in the dark Insert the key to open the door more quickly.


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2. Good user experience


Thoughtful anti-pinch door card, door handle anti-collision sleeve design, high-density and high-elasticity EVA material, effectively prevent accidental injuries such as hand pinching, scratches, impacts on the body, etc. Even the simple action of opening the door will have a rare feeling sense of security. In addition, anti-accidental anti-locking safety design – when the bolt is locked and the door is suddenly closed by external force, the bolt will be automatically unlocked, effectively preventing strong winds and children from accidentally locking the door. With it, even if a child locks himself inside the door for fun, an adult can open the door outside, and there is no need to worry about the child being trapped in an accident and cannot be rescued, which effectively guarantees the safety of every family member. Safety.


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3. Silver ion antibacterial coating, super high antibacterial ability


The wonderful details reflect the humanistic care of the door lock design everywhere. At home, door locks and door handles are not only used by family members, but also by friends and guests. The number and frequency of users are high. Different bacteria may be carried on hands, and it is conceivable how many bacteria and even viruses remain and grow on them. Most of the time, when we clean our home, we tend to ignore the door lock, a commonly used dead corner of hygiene. Therefore, special antibacterial Ag+ ions are added to the surface coating of the handle or the entire door lock, and the antibacterial rate is as high as 99.9%. Healthy home living environment.


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4. The door lock is resistant to high temperature and is safe and secure


Safety is the most primitive basic need of every family. It is understood that in the fire incidents that occur every year, because the locks are not fireproof, the lock body is deformed under high temperature, resulting in the inability to open and delaying the escape time of most people. Therefore, the basic fire escape function of the door lock is necessary. The main exposed parts such as the oblique tongue, square tongue, liner, and dial of the lock body are all made of stainless steel 304 material, which can withstand high temperatures of 800 °C and meet the requirements of fire prevention and European standard testing. In the event of a fire, the door lock melts, the door cannot be opened, and other dangerous situations. At critical moments, it can quickly escape to ensure the safety of everyone.


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5. Safe and anti-theft, guarding with peace of mind


The word “safety” is an indescribable feeling, and the door lock, as the first line of defense for home safety, protects the safety of every family member at all times. The newly upgraded 6-ball marble anti-theft lock cylinder, compared with the 5-ball marbles of conventional door locks, has a lower mutual opening rate and greatly enhanced safety performance. peace of mind.


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6. Silent unlocking, smooth and natural


The door lock takes humanization as the starting point and solves the pain points of users. As for the material of the lock body, the 304 stainless steel three-prong silent lock body is adopted, which makes the door open and close more quietly and softly. You dont have to worry about disturbing your family members at all, and you can enjoy a beautiful home life quietly.

Subvert the new design method of traditional door locks and start a new life of home security! Choose us and give your family a safer, more comfortable and healthier home life experience! The humanized detailed design not only changes your life, but also brings caring care beyond imagination, allowing you to enjoy a safe and comfortable life.

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