What We Do During The Coronavirus Outbreak Period

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Update time : 2020-02-18 17:29:03
Newest Updates 
Coronavirus recovery: On Feb 19th, the Chinese government announced that all the factories will gradually back to work recently. YALIS staff (both offices and production department) will all return to work on Feb 24th. 

China strikes upbeat note on coronavirus as businesses reopen, new cases in China appear to be slowing. On Wednesday, the number of confirmed new cases in China appeared again to be slowing and was put at 1,749. That brought the country’s total number of reported infections to 74,185. Deaths in the previous 24 hours were put at 136, bringing the total to 2,004. China tallied a total of 1,749 new infections and 136 deaths through the end of Tuesday, making the cumulative total 74,186 infections and 2,004 deaths — the overwhelming majority still occurring in central Hubei province. 
Confirmed Cases Worldwide
        Total Deaths& Total Recovered
Recovery Rate    Coronavirus Cure Rate

As you may refer to the Recovery Rate of mainland China and other locations, the total recovered numbers are increasing rapidly, especially the Non-Hubei cities. Things are getting better, that's why Chinese leader Xi Jinping is striking an increasingly confident note that the country can control the coronavirus outbreak and manage the economic and social fallout. There're 66 confirmed cases in Zhongshan, 40 people recovered, and 0 dead. We believe the rest of the 26 people will recover soon. 
YALIS Inspecting Work Traffic Reopening In Guangzhou (Feb 18th)       Xi: Nation can win battle against novel coronavirus.
Traffic distancing measures stopped and restarted the roads yesterday. YALIS Inspecting team is starting to distribute the relevant cleaning supplies. 

Coronavirus Recent Updates 
On Feb 18th, the Chinese government reported an additional 1,886 new infections across the country, but mostly from Hubei, bringing the nationwide total to at least 72,436.
Cure Rates          Zhongshan Government Announcement 
Many places around the world have already implemented such drastic steps in response to the new coronavirus outbreak that originated in China and has spread to at least 27 territories outside mainland China. Hubei announced tough new measures to try to curb the outbreak on Sunday, ordering its cities to block roads to all private vehicles. To fight coronavirus spread, the government expand ‘social distancing’ measures. By canceling large public gatherings. Asking students to stay home from school. Closing down borders. Each passenger is required to hold the passing coupon to cross the main road after the body temperature checks across the nation. 
Xiaolan Hospital Virus Prevention         Deep Clean & Promotion In the Streets
Xiaolan Train Station        Xiaolan Train Station
Guangdong province reported 1 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, bringing total 1322. In Zhongshan, there were 66 infections and 39 recovered patients. What’s more, in Xiaolan town( YALIS location), there are 0 infection cases under the strict control measures of the government. On Feb 17th, China government has announced to cancel the traffic isolation between main roads and cities. Factories in low-effected cities will back on work next Monday (Feb 25th) including YALIS. 
The Roads To YALIS          Temperature Check  
What We Do During This Period
YALIS has taken a great effort and strict control to make sure our staff and the company is being safe and clean. We follow the government’s instructions to avoid any further outbreak and everything is under control. 
yesWe set up the Monitoring Team and Emergency Team to inspect daily situation among our workers. 
yesWe launched the online working services to respond to our clients in the quickest way. 
yesWe purchased the disinfectant, N95 masks, digital thermometer, hand sanitizer, etc to decrease infectious agents on the people. 
yesWe published the in-time epidemic information on our social media platforms. 
yesThe company's prevention and control information announcement. 
yesWe pended approvals and submitted resumption review data to the government.  
Cleaning Work In The Factory         Cleaning Work In The Office
Disinfectant For Cleaning        Prevention Tips
Your Doubts About YALIS
You may place orders with us, and we would arrange the production on next Monday.  
Delivery Time
The express services already back to work across the nation.
Production & Supply Chain 
For the purpose of controlling personnel flow and reduce the risk of the virus spreading,  production lines will be able to start on next Monday
Working Or Not?
During this time, the office staffs are working normally.  The production part is temporarily suspended and our official working time would be (both offices and production department will all return to work) on Feb 24th
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirements at info@yalisdesign.com
In all, we are confident about the measures that we’ve taken, we’ll sure everything will back to normal soon. Thanks for your continued understanding and support.smiley yes