We Are Back

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Update time : 2020-02-24 16:41:00

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On February 24th, as is customary for its reopening after the lunar new year, performers held long fabric dragons aloft on poles and danced to the beat of drums, hoping to bring fortune to YALIS workers each day. But these are not normal times.
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The government has announced that the epidemic is under control to the point that much of the country can go back to work. On 24th Feb 2020, YALIS staff returned to work. We arranged the Monitoring Team and Emergency Team to get the daily temperature check-in, hands disinfection and giving away masks. All those entering the company had to pass health checks and were asked to put on the masks, lest they spread germs by talking.
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“Work is starting to resume around the country, we are experiencing a return to normal conditions that we had anticipated.”General manager Bob Li said. YALIS has taken strict control to make sure everything is on the process which ensures being safe and clean.
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We put the red pockets on the YALIS wall which represent better luck in 2020.


Here’s a video for your reference, and the company's prevention and control information announcement will update on our social media platforms. Follow us now: @yalisdesign