YALIS Shows Up At 124th Canton Fair

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Update time : 2018-10-26 20:57:00

Great success for YALIS at the Canton Fair in Guangzhou where present the new collections of handles.  

At the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, the most important event in China, and over 25500 exhibiting companies participated in it. Before one month of the exhibition, YALIS had set out everything of the booth design like the brochure and the publicizing picture for the Canton Fair, to transfer a favourable environment to all the purchasers.


At the same time, a wide selection of products was proposed, including the new door handles launched at the China International Building Decoration Fair (the CBD Fair) in 2018, and also they were made by the new generation designers.
After the fair, some of the foreign purchasers would like to visit the YALIS company, our merchandisers were also pleased to introduce the whole scale of YALIS and all the YALIS existing departments. Buyers were more preferring face-to-face communication to know more about the product details.


We have a professional merchandise team to follow-up all the problem of the Canton Fair.
In its ten years of history, YALIS has always sought the highest quality relying on the creativity of the best designers and has always wanted to depend on the unique vision to invent the innovative handles. It presences in locations like this one at the Canton Fair allows to create a knowledge and often a continuous link between the public and the company.


Overall, facing the trend, YALIS will continue to create more innovative door handles, to satisfy the rapid society.    
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