How To Judge The Electroplating Puality Of Door Handles
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How To Judge The Electroplating Quality Of Door Handles

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Author : Christine
Update time : 2020-08-07 10:52:07

How To Judge The Electroplating Quality Of Door Handles

The electroplating quality of the door handle surface determines the oxidation resistance for door handle, and it also plays an important role in the beauty and feel of the door handle. How to judge the electroplating quality of the door handle? The most direct criterion is salt spray test time. The longer the salt spray time, the stronger the oxidation resistance of the door handle. The quality of electroplating is related to the electroplating temperature and the number of electroplating layer, but both of them required instruments to be tested. Under normal circumstances, is it possible for us to roughly judge the quality of the electroplated layer without instrument testing? Let’s briefly explain below.

First of all, you can check the surface of the door handle to see if there are oxidized spots, burnt marks, pores, uneven color or places where forgot to electroplate. If there are the above problems, it means that the surface electroplating of the door handle is not well done.

Then you touch the surface of the door handle with your hand and feel if there are burrs, particles,blisters and waves. Because door handle needs to be polished smoothly before electroplating, so that the electroplating layer is attached. On the contrary, if the polishing is not done well, it will affect the electroplating layer and cause the electroplating layer to fall off easily. So if the above problems occur, it means that the door handle has not been polished well, and the electroplating layers is easy to fall off.

If the surface of the door handle you choose is polished chrome or other polished surface treatment, you can press the door handle with your finger. After the fingers leave the door handle, the fingerprint will spread quickly and the surface of the handle will not easily adhere to dirt. That means the electroplating layer of this door handle is good. Or you can breathe in the handle surface. If the electroplating layer is with good quality, the water vapor will fade away quickly and evenly.

In addition to the points mentioned above, there is a detail that many people have overlooked. It is the corner position on the side of door handle. This position is hidden and easily overlooked during polishing and electroplating, so we need to pay special attention to this position.


This above is YALIS’ sharing on how to judge the quality of door handle electroplating, we hope it can be helpful to you.