2019 New Design Release

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Easy Assembly;
Color Matches;
It’s the sequel of former product Tao, so does Pa Kua. They are the sister series after Tao, publishing in 2019.

Why So Called Taichi?

Tai Chi was derived from the Chinese traditional philosophy of the forces of yin and yang, related to the moves; and the mixture of the good(bright) and bad (dark) side
in the universe. Taichi also conceived as a martial art: competitive wrestling in the format of pushing hands or practiced with relatively slow movements. Both of them being
demonstration competitions and achieving greater longevity.

Taichi series,  shares its casual and flexible design. It's easier to install when a door handle without a rosette. Taichi handle uses a multi-piece with an easy-installed structure and a clear round base. Its connection between rosette and door handle.
The structure is intended to avoid scrapping of the rosette. So the handyman can directly install it, which saves time and personalizing. It's a great convenience for the craftsmen and users during the process of installation. Also, it's an integration to combine door handles with the cylinder and door mortise.
Multi-piece structures which could mix with different colors.

YALIS designs leather handles use 1-1.5mm genuine leather, machine stitched by meticulous craftsmen.
“It’s luxurious-key and modern, but also distinctive. Every detail and mark tells a story.” The smooth, soft, full, elastic and comfortable feel is a delicate and generous combination.


The door handle surface covers with the full-grain leather, is extremely strong and durable, remains extremely breathable, resulting in less moisture from prolonged contact.  YALIS leather door handle series has supplied handles to private and commercial buildings.
The Leather handle feels soft to the touch and brings a warm and natural element in your home. People might leave their sweat on the surface of the metal easily, but this leather itself has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, such as new blackening and long-term anti-rust and anti-oxidation. High-quality materials, thick design, scratch-resistant texture, fine workmanship.


This Artificial Aesthetics handle has a groove design on the surface that fits the size of the human thumb. Its groovy design is developing an analytical mold for the analysis of function. Avoiding the uncomfortable touch senses which metal brings, reducing the strength of the wrist, and easy opening and closing. At the moment when you return home, your hand at ease for being completely relaxing. The grip is evenly preventing and effectively reduces the strain on the wrist muscles. Designer Dragon.L is studying the natural structure of the human hand and combining it with metal.
The crisp, clean appearance of the satin nickel finish adds to the overall look of the product and brings a modern feel.
Artificial Aesthetics series is stripped down to the bare essentials with simple, durable metal and wood. Its raw look gives the flexibility to fit in with your style, whether that’s minimalistic, rustic or cozy. Use the entire series to create a display space, and combine it with your ceiling height doors.


Why Is Multiplicity?

Multiplicity In Doors: this Multiplicity adapts to frameless doors, interior doors, ceiling-height doors (minimalist doors) and ecological doors.
Multiplicity In Spaces: available in residential, commercial, construction buildings.  
Multiplicity In Colors: multi-piece design is available for customers to choose the colors for door handles.  
Match Up With: 60*75mm magnetic latch

The multiple presences in a door handle can effectively give your room a pleasant internal feeling. Place your door righted at the wall to make a bit of light therapy part of your daily start. 
Keeping the unity of space means a lot in each detail. Add to the personalized feel with accessories to doors, colors, and spaces like owning plenty of ingredients of you to make a delicate cuisine.


Shaped like a diamond, rigid, captured gracefully in its signature poses. The soul of Diamond is designed to blend the colors of industrial style, pattern mix, and DIY creativity into the door.

Similar to our BF79217, but this new Diamond is the way lighter, lined shapes, streamlined look; An affordable price than BF79217. Diamond neatly blends the convertible styling into a streamlined design. The curve into the door on this lever set prevents the hand from slipping.


Available in black nickel, polished chrome& satin chrome finishes, Diamond series is a great
choice for your next commercial or residential project. The soul of Diamond is designed to blend the colors of industrial style, pattern mix, and DIY creativity into the door. It is complemented by the calm and rational texture for its hardcore.


Pa Kua, means Eight Trigrams in English, the eight symbols used in Taoist cosmology to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts. Each consists of three lines, each line either "broken" or "unbroken", respectively representing yin or yang. The trigrams have correspondences in astronomy, astrology, geography, geomancy, anatomy, the family. Pa Kua, it’s a cultivating artwork based on Chinese culture. It’s the sequel of former product Tao, so does Tai Chi. They are the sister series after Tao, publishing in 2019.

This range of handles is strikingly expressive in shape, the base can be round and square. The multi-piece is available for you to match with different colors. Choose your preferred color matching with your own room design. Multi-piece structures which could mix with different colors. It’s adapted to Ecological doors, interior doors and ceiling height doors.