Shops Impression, breathtaking! 

YALIS has been spreading our brands worldwide both in China and international markets. 
Here're our shops and booth displays. Art is something that makes you breathless. 
It's all about not what you see, 
it's a feel with a different kind of happiness. 
A door is a poem without words. 


YALIS New Shops Image

Chinese architect has designed black walls and multiple-color doors to showcase the work of elegant door handles.
 "How you present yourself, is how people view you."

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YALIS Showrooms

Dark slate tiles, white and wood are among the materials that designer showroom display has used in
the renovation of a showroom in YALIS to "foster harmony" with existing details. 

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Fair Displays
Yalis architects has completed the door installation for booth displays, in Guangzhou Construction Fair.
Be what people are interested in. 

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Handles On Doors

This time we've chosen a vibrant colour to decorate this door. The bright color shows off the luxury with
leather door handles. The key is, no matter what story you tell,
make the buyer as a hero. 

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Shops Impression

Architecture has completed a virtual reality space in Laos shops with simple interiors
decors that draw on the work of light. The local prefer golden and shiny colours, 
we designed this shop to wow the local. 

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