Door Handle Without Rosette
It's easier to install when a door handle without a rosette. YALIS handle uses a multi-piece with an easy-installed structure and a clear round base. Its connection between rosette and door handle.

The structure is intended to avoid scrapping of the rosette. So the handyman can directly install it, which saves time and personalizing. It's a great convenience for the craftsmen and users during the process of installation. Also, it's an integration to combine door handles with the cylinder and door mortise.
Multi-piece structures which could mix with different colors.


Ultrathin Rosette, Escutcheon, & Spring Mechanism
YALIS steps into an imaginative, inclusive structure for getting the components less and thinner. This innovative design has given the door designs a smarter, cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing look than traditional sized rosettes. Come see how simple it is to make an artsy statement with a natural door.

Thickness: Market: 9-11mm; YALIS: 5mm thick.
Appearance: market: looks big, dull and heavy, cannot outline the lines of the handles;
YALIS: light and thin, small and smart, easy to take, complements the line of the handles.

63mm Rosette
Most of the holes drilling in the market for handle & lockset installation on the doors are 38mm. The rosette of this design has a diameter of 63mm
and a thickness of 7mm. Compared with the other rosettes, this one can switch and replace with a knob lock. Being "light and thin" is synonymous
with this new rosette.

Inner Fantasy Of 63mm Rosette
1. Accurate Dimension: 2 spindles are required for installation on each side of the door. However, there’s only 1 spindle requiring to match with this rosette.
2. Installation: Assembly is easier than others have stated, there’s no need for more checks which save a lot of time.

Mini Escutcheon
The escutcheon diameter is 30mm. It’s a replacement of big rosette on the doors. Being mini is a highlight of minimalism. Mini escutcheon follows
the shape of the cylinders and try to be less occupied on the doors. Meanwhile, the color of escutcheon can match with the door handle finishes.
A versatile system on the market allows compatibility of all the different handles roses and plates. A mini escutcheon brings not only visual impacts
but a shock for enjoyment.
“We made it to find a lifestyle that gives us more peace.” said Designer Robin.Ren.


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