6-Scene Doors Solution 

Application Door Solution For Door Lock Hardware. 


Facing with the market trend, YALIS insights each market opportunities and provide a solution to our clients.
 In 2019, YALIS published a market-based solution, the 6-scene solutions for doors. Based on each scene of doors, 
the R&D team now is studying and providing the door solutions into each area. The product orientations go for interior doors,
minimalist doors (ceiling-height doors) , entry doors, slim framed glass doors, 
architectural door hardware accessories, and household door hardware customization. 

YALIS R & D team has been creating value for the majority of users. We design personalized products from in-and-out, in case to meet the needs of 
the market and win the trust in our customers. We integrate door hardware into a customized household to 
match the preferred home style for young people.   


Minimalist Doors Application Solution


Slim Framed Glass Doors Application Solution


Interior Doors Application Solution


Architecture Door Hardware System Solution


Household Customized Door Hardware Application Solution


Entry Doors Application Solution