Door Handle Brand Journey


Brand Journey
Since 1990 YALIS Design has been manufacturing door handles at its own factories in China where the entire production process takes place. YALIS Design has been delivering the high-end door handles to various countries. It has been spreading YALIS brand concept and developing its own products, keeping pace of the market to meet the needs of the customers. Modern door hardware designed in the China and made to the very highest standards of China to be sold throughout the world.





Since 1990, YALIS Design has cultivated the local door hardware distribution channels in Shangdong and surrounding provinces in China.   In 2008, YALIS brand has set up. We positioned the high-end products with the goal of door hardware solution.





Since 2009, YALIS received ISO9001 quality management system certification, SGS certification, TUV certification and EN certification.   In 2014, basing on famous Italy, YALIS started to design zinc alloy door handle in modern style.





In 2015, YALIS started to establish and cultivate R&D team. YALIS officially added zinc alloy handles as the new product line.   In 2016, YALIS 10 original design door handles were launched into market and got patent. And YALIS considered to develop an innovative structure for easy assembling and disassembling.





In 2017, because of the first batch of original design door handles were appreciated in the market, so YALIS launched the second batch of new design door handles to the market. Meanwhile, YALIS made a new attempt at door handle design: YALIS tried to combine insert and different finishes into a door handle.   In 2018, door handles in glossy black finish, leather door handle, flat rosette in 5mm thickness and door handle without rosette, these 4 crafts have come up to the market. At the same time, YALIS started to spreading its brand to Europe.





In 2019, YALIS aware of the change in the market, so it launched door hardware solutions for door manufactures, including slim frame glass door solution, wooden door solution, aluminum frame wooden door solution and child room door solution.
  In 2020, In order to improve production capacity and product quality, YALIS production workshop has introduced ISO management system and various automated production equipment, such as automatic polishing machines, Computer Numerical Control ( CNC ) machine, automatic die-casting machines, automatic packing machines and so on.


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