Brands Cooperation
Don't focus on the sales, focus on the person.  


What is customer service? Customer service is the experience we deliver to our customers.
 It's how we follow through for the customer, it's how we make them feel when they do business with us. 
"My customers think its good about its product in a bit of lower prices than Italian luxurious locks."
said Tony Anderson. (One of our customer in the Italian market) 
Learn about our customer cases and project cases before you start a business with YALIS. 



Business To Business 
YALIS, A Promising Brand For Your Business. 
OEM Services
We design the original solutions that match the specific needs of our customers. YALIS OEM services offer you its expertise through three 
dedicated services: R&D design services, production capability services, and customized solution services. 
With a well-established and efficient supply chain and manufacturing facilities, we provide high-quality, reliable, and all these services
on time and within budget.
Meanwhile, YALIS faces to the OEM customers with a well-established brand which has a mature sales network throughout the whole country. 

YALIS works closely with our agents to provide expert services in customized product designs, brand promotion, and business development. 
Based on the local market, YALIS provides practical plans for our agent so they can sell the goods to their distributors smoothly.
The overall strategy with the business panel is to help pave the way for future business cooperation at an international level for the benefit of 
businesses and the department. YALIS, a promising brand that worth cooperation for the future development of your business.  


Customer Cases 

Cases Speak Louder Than Words. 
A brand is therefore key when it comes to customer engagement and ultimately, driving sales and growth.
Businesses market understands the value you are providing.

Our Agent In Ukraine:
Celeste Trade: YALIS' agent in Ukraine, their main customers
faced to local
dealers and wholesales.

In 2017, Celeste Trade first met
YALIS in BIG5 exhibition in Dubai.
After a year of negotiation,
Celeste decided to build business partnerships
with YALIS based on
their entire experience with a brand.
In 2019, half of the YALIS products were chosen
and launched for the brand marketing in the
Ukraine market.
Our Agent For Construction:
Anyhotel Vietnam Joint Stock Company: YALIS' Vietnam market
agent, with a total of 8 different sub-brand door
companies in Vietnam.

YALIS started the cooperation with Anyhotel since 2014.
Anyhotel's main customers face to local project constructor and
promote YALIS's hardware products in Vietnam. Currently, in
Vietnam's architectural hardware market, YALIS has built a strong,
reliable brand image competed with Hafele, Yale, and Imuntex.