All About YALIS
Our Company  
   YALIS is a leading company specialised in door
hardware systems for doors and cabinets.
YALIS has been providing the services of technological processes
and manufacturing for international manufacturers.
It is based on the customizing designing that allows us to
professionally develop optimal solutions to use.
We focus on the modern and innovative styles
and the durable quality for both internal and
external doors and cabinets. 

YALIS, You Apparently Love Its Simplicity.


Customized For Your Need
You’ll soon discover a business connection unlike any you
have known. YALIS introduces the 6-scene matching solutions
for doors. For each kind of door, we provide the individual
door hardware matching plans for you to harmonize with the
whole space instead of simply just a door.
We distinguished publish the 6-scene solutions
for internal doors (interior doors, ecological doors),
slim framed glass doors, minimalist doors, entry doors,
customized households and architecture door
hardware system for both residential and commercial use.s

See What's Happening Inside YALIS.  
See the samples of customer cases and project cases, a different angle to know about YALIS. 

It's Not About Ideas, It's About Making Ideas Happen!
More than R&D teams, YALIS catches up with the market to create our products in trend. Powerful teams promote your business for more than designs.  

Brand Cooperation   
Business Partnership With YALIS.  
 Start further cooperation for the future development of your business. YALIS, a promising brand that worth cooperation. 


Make Sure Its Qualifications. 
You can find something you need to know about YALIS'
products and their quantities.
From customized designs to manufacture,
from QC to delivery,
we make sure each process full of
carefulness and responsibility.
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